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Web sites have become increasingly important for law firms. A survey sponsored by Martindale-Hubbell reported that firm Web sites are the top-rated source for clients seeking initial information on outside counsel.

The problem for many law firms is keeping the information current. In order for a Web site to be an effective marketing tool, it must contain up-to-date information on lawyers’ credentials, matters the firm has handled, areas of expertise, and firm activities (e.g., seminars and newsletters).

Schmidt Marketing offers a service that helps law firms keep the content on their sites fresh. This is not a service to design or program the site; rather, we help by prompting you for updates and making the actual changes to the site. All it takes is a dynamically-designed Web site - our staff will learn the administrative function.

Our services include:

  • "Auditing" your site. We will start by doing a comprehensive review of your site to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed immediately, such as broken links.
  • Updating firm news (e.g., new lawyers, press releases) and event calendars (e.g., seminars, newsletters) as activities are completed or news comes in.
  • Editing and maintaining lawyer and staff bios.
  • Sending a monthly e-mail reminder requesting new information from your firm or suggesting changes to be made.
  • Uploading firm documents (e.g., slides, forms, newsletters) to your site for public or private viewing.
  • Conducting a six-month "audit," to again check for any problems or issues.
  • Generally keeping your Web site looking up to date and professional.

In short, if you provide us with access to your current site and administrative information, we will take over the duties to maintain and update your site.

The services outlined above will be provided for a flat monthly fee, negotiated in advance. If you’re interested in discussing this further, please contact Ryan Kovich 651/222-6102 or ryankovich@schmidt-marketing.com.

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