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With more than 100 successful placements since 2000, Schmidt Marketing, Inc. is the legal industry leader in the recruitment of marketing-related professionals. We have completed successful searches for positions ranging from Chief Marketing Officer to practice group or office marketing managers to business development positions.

As a result of our ongoing recruiting activity, we have a large pool of potential candidates and a great network; we are also contacted continually by good candidates. Our experience and contacts within law firms are extremely helpful to clients who are seeking to fill marketing positions with experienced law firm professionals; at the same time, we can target candidates from other professional service organizations when conducting our searches.

As part of our services, we also help firms develop job descriptions and counsel them on any number of related issues, such as compensation, staff and reporting.

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Client Comments

“Hi Sally, It was such a pleasure working with you. We would never have ended up with such strong candidates if we had not made the right decision to turn to you for help. Thanks again for your help!”

Chief Operating Officer
Minnesota law firm

“Hi, Sally, I am ecstatic over the state of our business development and marketing team, and the state of this activity in the firm. For the first time ever I see the possibility that we can actually succeed meaningfully in these areas - meaning intentionally grow our business. [Name] and [name] are doing wonderfully well. Thanks for your participation in our success.”

Chief Operating Officer
Arizona law firm

"[Candidate] was a great hire. He does his job well - hit the ground running. People rave about him. He has taken us to a new level. He is such a nice person and he brings a lot to the group."

Chief Marketing Officer
Florida law firm

"I continue to be impressed with the positive impact [candidate] has had on our operation. She was a great referral and, as you noted when we discussed her credentials, arrived day one with a high level of enthusiasm. I also appreciated your efforts in working with us on the job description. It is more of a Business Development position than a traditional Marketing position and your insights enhanced the final product."

Executive Director
New Hampshire law firm

“[CMO] is leaping tall buildings in a single bound! So far we have a new logo, a CRM contract is being executed next week, better advertising is being seen on a regular basis, RFP #s and quality are up, and three new staff people are jumping to attention at every command. It will be a long slow process, but she is everything she was advertised to be.”

Milwaukee, WI law firm

“Sally – I wanted to take a moment to thank you for assisting us in our search for a new Director of Marketing and Business Development. Your process went smoothly. Our dilemma was in deciding between several qualified finalists you presented to us. What a good problem to have! Best regards to you and your search staff.”

Minneapolis, MN law firm

“I am very happy to have [candidate]. I also want to thank you for the manner in which you handled the search--screening all candidates so I wouldn't waste a lot of time on hopeless causes. All in all, an A+ performance. Thank you.”

Houston, TX law firm

“I want to thank you for your efforts in our Marketing Director search. We were very pleased with the quality of the candidates that you presented us, all of whom are or will be exceptional law firm Marketing Directors. It was a pleasure to be able to quickly sort through such a group of qualified candidates.”

Managing Partner
Kansas City, MO law firm

“Since the beginning of the process and particularly during the time period after she was hired, [candidate] has hit on all cylinders. She is personable, politically savvy and knowledgeable. At some point I need to draft a drippy letter to you for sticking with us and finding the right person. For now, I will just continue to say thanks for your efforts and counsel; but mostly thanks for your results because at the end of the day, that's really what matters.”

Executive Director
Cleveland, OH law firm

 “Thanks to you for your incredible patience, insight and perseverance throughout this process. You were instrumental in making this happen. I don't think [candidate] ever spoke to any other firms so it's really a credit to you that you were able to bring her to us. I'll miss our regular phone calls and e-mails! Thanks, Sally.”

Marketing Partner
New York, NY law firm

Candidate Comments

Just as important to us are the nice comments we receive from the candidates. We treat them with respect and empathy. Here are some recent representative quotes:

“Thanks again for all your help during the interview process. I worked with several placement firms over the past few months and you were far and away the most professional and the most responsive. You should be commended, as having that feeling of confidence in the people you are working with means a lot when everything else about your professional life is uncertain. Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help you.”

Chief Business Development Officer

“Things are going very well here. The lawyers here have great trust in me and it has been an amazing learning experience. I really love working for this firm.”

Manager of Marketing and Professional Development

"Sally, I am so thrilled to be here, this is a fantastic firm and has so much potential to grow. People are nice, willing to roll up their sleeves. I can not tell you how happy I am to be at [Firm]; it was a great move for me."

Director of Marketing

“I wanted to share this exciting news with you [on the promotion to CMO] as you are the reason I am here. The firm is a great fit for me; I’m so pleased to be here. Thanks for putting us together.”


[Written to the law firm]
“…Also, I’m sure you already know this but I wanted to make sure I emphasized how helpful the staff at Schmidt Marketing was to me during the process of your search. At every step of the way, they really provided all the information and logistical help to make things go very smoothly from my end. I’ve worked with many placement agencies, both as a candidate and as a hiring manager, and I’ve rarely felt as well served.”

Unsuccessful candidate for a law firm marketing position


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