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Schmidt Marketing serves as administrator or executive director for several networks of law firms, having founded two of them. In addition, Sally Schmidt frequently consults to other networks on marketing-related issues, and has presented at annual or regional meetings of ten different consortiums of law firms.

The Schmidt Marketing, Inc. Marketing Network was formed in 2003 to bring together mid-sized law firms to exchange ideas and discuss issues related to marketing and business development. With eight current member firms ranging from 25 to 100 lawyers, the network provides a forum where non-competing law firms can share effective marketing strategies and techniques. We are seeking additional members from selected markets.

Network Administration and Services

Schmidt Marketing, Inc. currently assists several networks, ranging from eight to more than 150 law firm members, with their marketing, internal and external communications, long-term and short-term strategic planning (including one of the largest law firm networks in the world) and other administrative tasks. Specifically, we have assisted national and worldwide law firm networks with the following activities:

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Recruitment of marketing personnel
  • Development of marketing materials
  • All aspects of meeting planning
  • Web site development and administration
  • Design, production and distribution of network newsletters
  • Surveying members and analyzing results
  • Financial management
  • Presentations

Schmidt Marketing, Inc. Marketing Network

The SMI Marketing Network is limited to mid-sized, general practice law firms (approximately 25-100 lawyers). Members receive geographic exclusivity; there will be only one firm per market, and existing members have the "right of first refusal" over new members in their area. The network will include a maximum of 15 law firms.

The marketing network offers representatives of the member firms opportunities to:

  • Learn about marketing and business development “best practices” undertaken by similar firms
  • Discuss strategic marketing issues and how they apply to the mid-sized firm—from practice group planning to compensating lawyers for new business
  • Exchange questions and ideas with representatives of peer firms
  • Have access to Sally Schmidt and her extensive experience working with mid-sized firms on their marketing efforts

The exchange of marketing ideas and strategies is accomplished through semi-annual face-to-face meetings and an ongoing Internet listserver for member firm representatives.

For further information on the Marketing Network, contact Sally Schmidt at or 952/767-0115.

Client Comments

"Sally, I wanted to reach out to you to let you know what a pleasure it's been working with you. You are a consummate professional and you bring tremendous value to the organization - I know I've personally benefited from your marketing insights. And even beyond that (and take this in the most positive way), you have a nice way about you. It's not easy to be an effective, professional woman and have a lovely, understated presence at the same time (with the ability to 'snap to it' a entire room of attorneys when they need it!). Take care, and please do stay in touch."

Member, Executive Committee

“Thank you for all of your hard work and expertise. The meetings run so smoothly and are so much more valuable and enjoyable because of what you contribute. With warm appreciation.”

Member, Executive Committee

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