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If your firm is looking for an objective evaluation of your marketing efforts, activities or staffing, turn to Schmidt Marketing. Sally Schmidt frequently conducts "audits" of firm marketing efforts, to assess the current situation and make recommendations for changes or future priorities.

Successful law firms realize that marketing is an important investment in their future. Evaluations of the marketing program and the marketing department - along with the individuals who staff it - often are best made with the help of an objective, experienced professional.

In some instances, we are called upon to audit the entire marketing effort. The scope of the project then involves reviewing past and current activities, marketing budgets, marketing staff and other related areas. The result is a report on what’s working well and "best practices," areas for improvement (in terms of activities, process or staffing), observations and ideas on ways to improve the firm’s marketing and business development efforts.

In other instances, we are asked to audit the marketing department only. This review may be precipitated by the departure of existing professionals or simply by a desire to make better use of resources. By reevaluating its marketing staffing situation, the firm can take comfort in knowing that it has created an efficient and effective internal organization that is organized well to serve the lawyers’ needs.

Depending on the firm’s objectives and budget, the process can include some or all of the following steps:

  • Review marketing plans, budgets, materials and Web site, job descriptions, organizational charts, project lists, client survey results, etc.
  • Interview/survey firm representatives
  • Collect external information on trends, markets, competitive firms, etc.
  • Prepare summary report and recommendations
  • Meet to discuss recommendations

Client Comments

“Schmidt Marketing put together a marketing ‘audit’ and set of recommendations for the firm in 2012 that has served as a great roadmap. Since then, the buy-in and traction we’ve gotten with those recommendations has propelled the firm forward toward reaching a number of our strategic goals.”

Business Development Director
Chicago, IL law firm

“Coming into a new position as the firm’s Director of Business Development and Marketing, I found your Marketing ‘Audit’ Report to be incredibly insightful. Your report accurately assessed the current state of the department and was very valuable in helping to prioritize the initiatives the firm needed me to focus on to build the foundation for a solid business development and marketing program.”

Director of Business Development and Marketing
Seattle, WA law firm

"Thanks for a good three days. [Managing partner] and others were very impressed and pleased with your ideas."

Firm Administrator
Houston, TX law firm

"Needless to say, we were all very impressed with you and your approach when we met. The meeting was very productive for us, and we look forward to continuing our work together."

Managing Partner
New Haven, CT law firm

"We appreciate your evaluation of our marketing infrastructure. Your insights into not just our firm but the marketing departments of other similar firms provided us with tremendous confidence in your recommendations. So far, the implementation of the new structure is having a very positive effect on our marketing efforts."

Director of Marketing
Indianapolis, IN law firm

"While it is still early, we have talked about the plan at management and at a Member meeting. In fact, just this morning we had a staff meeting and discussed the report with them and asked for their help with some things. I think there has been a good response to this by everyone. I plan to do whatever I can to make sure we keep this thing rolling and so far it is going good."

Office Manager
Iowa City, IA law firm

"Sally, I want to thank you for the effort and quality of your evaluation, as well as the thoroughness of your recommendations and related exhibits. In my view, you have done an outstanding job. It has been a real privilege to work with you, and I commend you on your professionalism."

Seattle, WA law firm

"This [report] is very good and what I need to address the obvious issues. Thanks so much for your help. As in the past, you've hit a bulls-eye."

Office Managing Partner
Indianapolis, IN law firm

"Overall, good [report]; hits key points in a balanced, informative way and suggests steps we need to take."

Marketing Partner
New York, NY law firm

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