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From client teams to client service workshops for support staff, Sally Schmidt helps law firms design programs to retain and expand their clientele. Her role ranges from helping establish a comprehensive client service program to providing consulting services on specific aspects of client service, such as developing client teams, conducting client surveys and presenting client service training programs for support staff and lawyers.

Examples of Sally’s client service initiatives include:

  • Working with a 400-attorney firm to develop a comprehensive client service program, including client teams, client feedback loops and internal training of lawyers and staff.
  • Assisting a 500-lawyer firm in developing a client team program, including conducting personal interviews of clients, developing "job descriptions" for client team roles and conducting lawyer training programs.
  • Assisting a 300-lawyer firm in designing a "phantom phone" program to measure the responsiveness of lawyers and staff to client phone calls.
  • Conducting client service training for secretaries, paralegals and administrative staff for dozens of law firms throughout the U.S.
  • Researching the use of client teams among law firms to assist a 150+-lawyer firm in starting up a client team program.

As noted, Sally frequently conducts workshops on client relations and client service for the members of the staff. Whether they have frequent client contact or serve "internal" clients, their efforts to provide excellent service (to either type of client) will ultimately and dramatically affect the external client’s relationship with the firm.

Client Comments

"Your program was a huge success. [HR Director] wants to bring you back and have it be mandatory for all assistants. Thank you again. You made me look good."

National Manager, Business Development
Houston, TX law firm

"Thank you for your fantastic presentation [on the client team research results]. As always, you exceeded our expectations! I am very encouraged by the positive feedback I've already received. I look forward to your final report and the opportunity to work on future projects together."

Executive Director - Marketing and Strategic Development
Denver, CO law firm

"The training workshop you recently presented to our staff was a success! I received many phone calls thanking me for inviting you to our meeting and giving them your insightful advice and sharing information you receive from clients. From my standpoint it was both a useful training session as well as a morale booster. Again, thank you, and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Director of Personnel & Recruiting
Phoenix, AZ law firm

"I wanted to express my thanks and appreciation to you for the great job you did for us last week. I sent a follow-up memo/survey to the staff and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. I applaud your training program and your practical manner concerning the specific needs for law firms. Many employees have commented about your professionalism and your image, as well as your presentation. Thanks again for a great program, and I look forward to speaking with you again in the near future."

Personnel Manager
Hartford, CT law firm

"Your presentations to our firm were terrific! Several staff and attorneys commented on the practical value of the information. In your work with so many attorneys, you have obviously gained an understanding of their ingrained prejudices and fears about marketing. I think that really helps you communicate your message to them."

Marketing Director
Seattle, WA law firm

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