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Training and Coaching

Whether through training workshops or coaching lawyers one-on-one, Sally Schmidt helps lawyers make good decisions about their personal marketing and business development activities through her practical and achievable advice. She has been conducting successful, results-oriented attorney marketing training sessions for more than 20 years and receives uniformly high praise from clients. Her credibility and non-threatening style help lawyers become more comfortable with marketing activities.

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Training Workshops

Sally frequently conducts “soup to nuts” workshops. Depending on the size of the firm, lawyers can be divided into groups based on seniority or practice. Working closely with the firm, Sally will develop an appropriate agenda that could include:

  • Building relationships with clients
  • Adding value to relationships
  • Enhancing your credibility
  • Internal marketing
  • Networking
  • Targeting referral sources
  • Prospecting
  • Asking for business
  • Investing in your practice

In lieu of a workshop, some firms organize an ongoing training curriculum to provide follow up and reinforcement. This could include, for example, quarterly, in-depth programs.

Client Comments

“Great workshop. Sally is really good and had excellent, practical suggestions. I sat through the presentation with one of our more junior associates and she appreciated the insight (her comment, ‘This was one of the best marketing programs I have been to’). She took lots of notes and I expect her to do meaningful follow-up based on Sally's recommendations.” 

Partner, Practice Group Leader and Board Member
National Law Firm

"Just wanted to say thanks, Sally, for your excellent program to our firm. One of the requests from our lawyers when we did our last strategic plan was for more formal business development training. You met that request perfectly and by being so good you enhanced [marketing director’s] credibility with the rest of the firm which is going to be huge going forward. You also made me look good as managing partner. And you provided some great concrete suggestions for us to follow which are going to help us succeed. Thanks again for your help and I’m sure we will be in touch."

Managing Partner
Western Regional Law Firm

“Thanks again for the 4/15 seminar – it has really changed the way I look at my practice, for the better! Thank you.”

National law firm (New York)

“Sally, thank you for a great Friday and Saturday. I thought you did a terrific job on Saturday. I think you gave us a lot of practical things everyone can work on. I think you are going to have a great impact on our culture.”

Wisconsin law firm 

“I think, besides coming away with a lengthy list of ideas, you re-energized me. I already contacted one client I hadn't talked to in a while and am writing a note because he and I have worked together for over 20 years and I'm telling him how much I enjoyed our catching up. I received billing guidelines from another, so I wrote back and said it appeared that the billing guidelines contemplated us meeting together and did she have some time…of course, she said yes. None of that would have been done because I've gotten lazy, so thank you, thank you, thank you! If you ever need a person to give a testament, you can count on me.”

Houston, TX law firm

"I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed your presentation last weekend. I just reviewed your slides again and I am delighted with the wealth of practical information you provided. Thanks again."

Atlanta, GA law firm

“I found myself taking copious notes of the nuggets that you added to your PowerPoint outline. You provided excellent value. Now we need to execute the follow up and be accountable. Many have already voiced their appreciation and compliments.”

Marketing Partner
Seattle, WA law firm

"Thanks so much for conducting the two valuable meetings with our associates. All those who came responded that they found it worthwhile. The feedback I received was uniformly positive, and a couple suggested that we have you return at some point to have further discussions with them. Your mastery of the subject is impressive, and your humor is great."

Director of Marketing
Washington, D.C. law firm

“Sally, I’m pleased to report that two of our income partners landed a new piece of antitrust work for a major firm client today, simply by applying your advice… Two days after you spoke at [firm], our attorneys had their quarterly meeting with a major petroleum client. The night before the meeting, both income partners started talking with a client about other work that was out there that [firm] wasn’t getting. We ended up introducing our antitrust attorney to the client on Friday and found out today that we were hired. Thank you. We’ve had high praise for your presentation and I’m happy to have such immediate and tangible results to share with our executive committee.”

Director of Marketing
Kansas City. MO law firm

“Thank you so much again for a wonderful program. The associates are raving about yesterday’s session. I learned a great deal as well and am looking forward to following up with all of our associates to help them develop business. From yesterday’s reviews, it looks as though we will certainly want to continue with your program every few years. Thanks again!”

Marketing Director
Memphis, TN law firm

“To my astonishment, I’ve actually done things, if not every day then at least 3 out of 5. I thought about but rarely did forward selected, important [information]. I do now. I have arranged [a client interview]; never would have tried it without some front of the room inspiration.”

Grand Rapids, MI firm

"Thank you so much for coming to Phoenix and making the marketing presentations to our lawyers. You had obviously prepared well and worked very hard while you were here. Based on comments I have heard, you were uniformly well received and everyone thought your materials and presentations were excellent. Again, thanks so much"

Managing Partner
Phoenix, AZ law firm

“Sally, thanks so much for your presentation yesterday. Everything was right on target for our goals. I’ve been getting compliments all morning. People are truly energized on their marketing efforts now.”

Marketing Manager
Seattle, WA law firm

"My initial feedback from the associates who attended was extremely positive--one sure sign that you 'got through' to them is that many of them have asked for the program to be an ongoing one in future years. Personally, I definitely benefited from your thoughts and certainly plan to implement some of them next week."

Director of Professional Development
New York, NY law firm

"Let me tell you again what a terrific program your put on—I have seen you present before a couple of times and I never cease to be amazed at how you manage to keep it all fresh and interesting...quite a talent."

Executive Director
Hartford, CT law firm

“The marketing sessions were an outstanding success and are now the talk of the Firm. You inspired the M&A associates to do a newsletter on their practice area. I hope this was as positive an experience for you as it was for the Firm."

Director of Client Development & Marketing
New York, NY law firm

"I believe our associates to be a rather 'tough crowd.' Given their varying practice group orientations and given the fact that some are in their first year of practice while others are in their sixth year of practice, they can be very difficult to please. However, as the enclosed memos reveal, I received feedback on your presentation that regularly featured high praise. If I can be assistance in providing a reference for a similar presentation, please call me. Again, thank you."

Grand Rapids, MI law firm

"It was really a pleasure having you here for the business development training session. You had an excellent rapport with the partners and I heard many favorable comments from them about your expertise."

Marketing Director
Kansas City, MO law firm


Sally also has extensive experience and has produced measurable results working with individual lawyers on their business development efforts. Her services often include:

  • Consultation with the firm to develop a coaching program (e.g., selection of lawyers, method of coaching, timetable, etc.)
  • An introductory kick-off/training program, to review common issues and discuss business development techniques
  • Development of an individual plan for each coaching participant
  • Monthly follow up with each participant

Client Comments

“Sally, I was thinking of you this morning and that I need to get myself in gear on the marketing front. You have become my very own marketing Jiminy Cricket!”

National Law Firm

“I just wanted to let you know I appreciate all of your help, advice, ideas, and encouragement over the past several years. You are very talented and provided us – and me – a lot of value. I learned from you things I plan to carry forward.”

Chicago law firm

“You should know that your lessons stick. I’d like to think I would have tried to make it 'about them' before we started working with you, but I’m not sure. I think those lessons have also made me a bit of a better person, so (assuming I’m right and assuming that effect is multiplied by dozens and hundreds of people), you’ve got quite a legacy going out there.”

Member of Executive Committee
Chicago law firm

"I think Sally is very effective. She is responsive and she asks excellent questions. She also is a 'nudge,' in the best sense of that word, because she prods one to develop a plan and stick with it or, if appropriate, shift to a different plan. And she is very intelligent and pleasant to work with."

National law firm

"Sally is wonderful. She clearly has an excellent track record and has a wealth of experience. She often offers me more than one way to approach a particular situation, which I really appreciate."

National law firm

“It has been a pleasure working with you. You’ve been a great sounding board and, as I noticed while looking at the chart, we’ve accomplished a great deal. Let’s definitely stay connected. If you ever need someone to sing your praises, please don’t hesitate to call.”

New England law firm

"I just want to let you know that we just had a Management Committee meeting and I spoke about how much I enjoy working with you, what a great sounding board you are, and how much I like your suggestions and perspectives. You may get a call from one or more attorneys here. Thanks again for your help."

New England law firm

“There has been a lot of conversation around here invoking your name (e.g. "Sally says..."). People have really embraced your advice I have been reviewing practice development plans for evidence of your suggestions to those you met with individually and am seeing good results. The Management Committee is very pleased with the impact of your visit and progress so far. Thanks again so much for your help and input!”

Ohio law firm

"…in helping me focus on marketing you were friend, you were confidant, you were fighter urging me to get out there and try; you were educator; you were counselor; you were almost a shrink about what makes me tick to motivate me to DO what I need to do and to make it a focus every day in my professional actions, to THINK about new business possibilities; you gave advice on minutiae where I was lacking confidence such as the smallest of detail (do I go to their offices to visit? do I call them for lunch? when do I follow up and remind them of the conversation....etc. etc. etc.)…. I'm very grateful I've had you and my firm always right behind me."

Southeastern law firm

"I can't put my finger on exactly what specifically you taught me or guided me through but it's a continuous, coaching, guiding, interaction that's meaningful to me. And I do believe all these signs are indicative of your skills and assistance. It is going well. I have had five new clients in the last two weeks. I feel like my practice is coming together."

Midwestern law firm

“Thanks again for meeting with me to discuss my marketing and networking goals. By the way, a lawyer I had run into in a couple years ago recognized me at a CLE I attended on Monday, and he has asked me to do a 45-minute presentation at a CLE next month. I agreed to do it. So, I’m jumping right off the cliff. I’m also attending a meeting and a brief CLE this evening with the client I had planned on connecting with this month. It has begun… Thanks again for the motivation and the assistance.”

Midwestern law firm

“Dear Sally, Thank you so much for your invaluable help and support during the [coaching] program. It was truly a growth experience and you were just great to work with.”

National law firm

From internal surveys of attorneys being coached:

“I love Sally. She is so practical. She doesn’t waste my time.”

“Sally provides ‘forced accountability.’ She is insightful, and has good ideas on ‘ins.’”

“I like working with Sally. She has good ideas, and is giving me an industry focus.”

“I appreciate advice from Sally on how to approach clients. I like the accountability. At the end of each coaching session we schedule the next meeting, and I have three things to complete.”

“Meeting with Sally on a regular basis forces me to be prepared. She’s forced me to do things I would not otherwise have done, and it has resulted in business.”

“Sally does a great job. She has opened my eyes to things, helped to organize my plan.”

“I really like how Sally keeps me focused with checklists of things to do between meetings.”

“I appreciate Sally’s help in between coaching session, helping with specific client opportunities.”

“Sally keeps me focused.”

“Sally is fantastic at what she does. It is true coaching – she helps me sort through the issues.”

Sally knows her business and is most helpful.

“Sally kept me on task and provided very valuable input on prospective client proposals.”

“Sally’s consulting services were the most valuable part of the program to me.”

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