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From client surveys to competitive intelligence, Schmidt Marketing, Inc. helps law firms identify and understand information about their markets and opportunities. Market research will help you make better decisions about your marketing initiatives, and can be used to identify:

  • Client satisfaction levels
  • New business opportunities
  • The viability of new offices or services
  • How to position your firm
  • Targets for business development
  • Most effective ways to execute specific marketing activities
  • Perceptions or knowledge of your firm
  • Competitive information
  • Reasons for unsuccessful pitches or proposals
  • Return on your marketing investment

Schmidt Marketing's experience providing proprietary market research services to law firms is remarkable. We have surveyed thousands of law firm clients, prospects, referral sources and internal audiences, through personal interviews, telephone surveys, focus groups and written questionnaires. Our expertise in market research and our knowledge of the legal industry combine to give you quick, useful and economical research options.

Client Comments

“I've just completed a quick read and I think it's terrific. Your enhancement on the takeaways, and the extensive use of quotes, is a great idea. …All in all this is more useful - and usefully presented - than even I had anticipated. Many thanks.”

Director of Client Development & Marketing
Washington, DC law firm 

“They [the managing partners] are just so pleased with you. They like your straightforward, crank it out style. They keep saying how ‘solid’ you are. I know their compliments are nothing new for you but I figure anyone who works as hard as you do likes to hear the client appreciates her. After today's phone call, they said they were inclined to keep going with more interviews than we initially said.”

Director of Marketing
Boston, MA law firm

"I poured over the survey results all weekend. WOW. They are amazing. You have done a great job on this project."

Houston, TX law firm

"The written client survey you recently completed for us was enormously useful. In addition to providing some interesting results, like how quickly clients expect their calls to be returned, it gave us an inexpensive way to let a lot of clients know we’re listening to them."

Executive Managing Director
Chicago, IL law firm

"Sally - thanks so much for this very thorough report. Your questions were right in line with the feedback we needed to hear. If similar post-RFP opportunities like this come up, we'll definitely be asking for your help again!"

Houston, TX law firm

"We would recommend without reservation that other law firms conduct client surveys guided and interpreted by Schmidt Marketing. We would tell your prospective clients that you are:

  • Quick to respond;
  • Experienced with law firms;
  • Extremely knowledgeable about law firm marketing; and,
  • Careful to make practical suggestions for the short and long term."

Projects Specialist
Phoenix, AZ law firm

"I thought the survey was great! Lots of things the marketing department can work on. I will let you know more thoughts after our meeting!"

Marketing Coordinator
Des Moines, IA law firm

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