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Working with law firms, offices, industry teams, departments, practice groups or individual lawyers, Sally Schmidt helps the legal industry develop strategic marketing plans that are realistic, effective and actionable.

When developing marketing plans, our process generally includes:

  • Internal Surveys: We have conducted hundreds of surveys of lawyers and staff to assess internal perceptions of the firm’s opportunities, strengths, challenges and weaknesses. We do not come in with a set questionnaire or methodology in mind because we believe each firm is different and requires its own solutions. Internal surveys have been conducted using focus groups, written questionnaires, telephone surveys and personal interviews. We also review internal information, such as client information or practice area receipts.
  • External Research: It is important to balance internal perceptions with external perceptions—i.e., the views of the target market(s). We have conducted more than 1,000 personal and telephone interviews of clients as well as prospects and former clients, and have conducted dozens of focus groups, with hundreds of participants. In addition, our company has designed and processed written questionnaires from thousands of clients. This proprietary information is supplemented with available secondary information (e.g., competition, trends, etc.).
  • Analysis: This is perhaps the most important step in terms of the outside consultant’s role. Our job is to synthesize the primary and secondary information obtained through the research, and to help the firm make sense of it. What is ordinary and what is out of line? Which results are satisfactory and which are not? We do not simply report back results; we flesh out the key pieces of information for the firm.
  • Planning: Finally, we help firms develop marketing plans and facilitate the development of goals and objectives. The objective is to help them develop effective marketing strategies and to ensure implementation. The final result of the process is a set of measurable benchmarks and an action plan, setting out "assignments" for implementation.

Following the planning process, we often provide advice on the effective implementation of specific marketing-related projects, such as staffing, branding, marketing databases and other activities.

Client Comments

"Sally: Thanks for your direction and insights yesterday. As we completed the afternoon and evening activities, the feedback from the members of the firm has been very positive. We appreciate your preparation and the focus your work added to our discussion – and look forward to receiving your conclusions and recommendations."

Utah law firm

"I am very pleased to report that we landed 2 new large clients and 3 smaller clients since we worked with you. We are currently operating at about 110%+ capacity, with an amazing volume of work that has arrived in the door recently.

What a dramatic turnaround – from famine to glorious feast – too much, really, but we are enjoying/managing it. Here’s an obtuse notion: we are actually thinking about hiring.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to give you an update, and thank you again for your excellent guidance and counseling. Once we get through the end of this year, we are going to crank up our marketing efforts – never to ignore it again."

Minneapolis, MN law firm

"Hi Sally, The good news is that we are really staying busy. We are a poster child of the success obtained by working with you! Thanks for another excellent strategic planning session, and all of your expertise, advice and ideas."

Chair, Estate Planning Practice Group
Minnesota law firm

“Hello Sally: The meeting and dinner were a smash hit. I have had nothing but positive feedback about what we learned and how you helped us. I know that you have provided us with some excellent direction for our marketing and you know we will see some if not most of it through.”

Office Manager
Barrie, Ontario law firm

“I think Sally has been a good influence….In the PG meeting today, [attorney] offered up the idea of visiting clients - at their location - on a periodic, regular basis - to ask them how we are doing, regarding service as a business development tool. They were very receptive. I'm excited to know that good ideas are being generated from working with Sally. That is one small piece of evidence that the firm is moving in the right direction with Sally's help.”

Marketing Manager
Bloomington, MN law firm

"You are a superb teacher, and a sage counselor in addressing bumpy spots in the road. You helped us to take action to get results."

Executive Director
Minneapolis, MN law firm

"Hi Sally - I did get some feedback [on the litigation planning meeting] and it was positive. They were amazed, being a non-lawyer, at how well you understood the profession! On a serious note, it sounded as though everyone felt it was time well spent; individual goals were established along with the ability to monitor progress."

Office Manager
Rochester, MN law firm

"We not only enjoyed our [planning] conference, we got participants engaged and plans were made. Thanks, Sally, you really brought a lot to our table about real marketing with real people."

Muscatine, IA law firm

"This [draft plan] is a good start. We have initiated our first team meeting at [client]. In addition, we are planning an in-house opportunity for certification. Thanks for your work on generated a lot of enthusiasm at our Department meeting a few days later."

Chair, Real Estate Practice Group
Minneapolis, MN law firm

"Thanks for your work at our firm...everyone was very complimentary of the process."

Houston TX law firm

"Everyone was complimentary of your report. We understand we have a lot of work to do, but we're pretty pleased with where we have come over the last year. I personally believe we need to keep you involved in our plan and would like to do so."

Products Liability Practice Team Leader
Indianapolis, IN law firm

"Sally: Thank you! I thought yesterday's [Private Client practice group planning] meeting went extremely well."

Director of Marketing
Chicago, IL law firm


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