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Marketing the Law Firm: Business Development Techniques

Frequently referred to as the “bible” of law firm marketing, Sally’s book, Marketing the Law Firm: Business Development Techniques, focuses on the institutional side of marketing, addressing such issues as:

  • Trends and challenges in law firm marketing
  • Creating a firm marketing program
  • Motivating lawyers to participate
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing activities
  • Staffing the marketing department
  • Assessing the advantages and disadvantages of myriad strategies, including Web sites and other electronic communications, client surveys, brochures, newsletters, seminars, advertising, public relations, proposals, law firm networks and more!

Whether your firm has ten lawyers or a thousand, whether you're part of an established marketing committee or have just taken on new marketing responsibilities, Marketing the Law Firm will help you put effective marketing techniques into action at your firm.

From Of Counsel:
“A recipe for success in today’s competitive environment.”

From a law firm marketing director:
“Sally Schmidt’s book, Marketing the Law Firm: Business Development Techniques, is a bible, a must-read and a springboard to law firm marketing for any new or seasoned marketing professional.  Its frequent updates are easy to insert and the range of information is nearly exhaustive.”

Summary of contents of Marketing the Law Firm:

  • Chapter 1: Overview of Marketing in a Law Firm
  • Chapter 2: The Obstacles to Marketing in a Law Firm
  • Chapter 3: Marketing Analysis and Planning
  • Chapter 4: Developing a Law Firm Image or "Brand"
  • Chapter 4A: Selecting Marketing Tools and Activities
  • Chapter 5: Client Relationship Management and Marketing Information Systems
  • Chapter 6: Brochures and Collateral Pieces
  • Chapter 7: Newsletters, Mailings and Other Communications
  • Chapter 8: Market Research
  • Chapter 9: Substantive Programs and Client Entertainment
  • Chapter 10: Advertising and Public Relations
  • Chapter 11: Proposals, Presentations and Interviews for Business
  • Chapter 11A: Pricing and Billing Techniques
  • Chapter 11B: Industry Conferences or Trade Shows
  • Chapter 11C: Web Sites and On-line Marketing
  • Chapter 12: Attorney Accountability and Involvement
  • Chapter 13: Management, Coordination and Support of the Marketing Effort
  • Chapter 13A: Marketing the Small Law Firm
  • Chapter 13B: Marketing a New Capability or Office
  • Chapter 13C: Creating an "Alumni" Relations Program
  • Chapter 13D: Cross Selling Your Firm's Services
  • Chapter 13E: Service Quality as a Marketing Strategy
  • Chapter 13F: Client Service Strategies
  • Chapter 13G: Creating and Marketing a Law Firm Network
  • Chapter 14: Conclusion

Marketing the Law Firm is updated twice a year. For further information, or to order the book, please visit the publisher's Web site.